murphy girl

29 April 2006

under the sea

here's my rendition of 'under the sea'....don't quite get it myself, but it's what came out of my pen! it was a lot of fun, too!

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15 April 2006


circles are my favorite shape, and i cannot get enough of them! the curve is addictive, and they are everywhere in my artwork, so i had trouble deciding what to post for this topic. i have been working on this dragonfly this week, and when i finished the wings, i knew it was the one! they are klimt-inspired wings.

09 April 2006


this photo was taken by my father, who i am currently visiting in texas. it is one picture, mirrored, and taken during a storm. when i told him this week's topic, he instantly showed me this picture! if you want to see more of his photos, drop in at
this is my post for speed....ironically, despite the fact that i am always going, going, going, never sitting down and relaxing, every image i conjured up in my mind for 'speed' was related to a lack of speed! this drawing, however, was a speedy one for me to complete!