murphy girl

29 April 2006

under the sea

here's my rendition of 'under the sea'....don't quite get it myself, but it's what came out of my pen! it was a lot of fun, too!

i have a new website, please check it out!



Blogger Ellen said...

WOW! This is really excellent! Great job!!!!!!

29 April, 2006 22:01  
Blogger Mike Sgier said...

Great use of line, very clean.

30 April, 2006 01:27  
Blogger Raebo said...

wow your line work is fantastic!!! This makes sense to me actually - fabulous stuff.

30 April, 2006 01:37  
Blogger Jan said...


30 April, 2006 05:17  
Blogger frank h said...

nice style, murphy girl

elegant illos - original and interesting

I'm going now to visit your website

see you!

30 April, 2006 10:36  
Blogger andrea said...

Cool. I want to see it in colour now!

30 April, 2006 11:41  
Blogger stacey m said...

really like this, very escher-esque!

30 April, 2006 12:52  
Blogger HARDWAX said...

I like this, it does have an abstract feeling of the sea. Cool!

30 April, 2006 13:23  
Blogger zordis said...

Lovely patterns you have made here. Simply lovable.

30 April, 2006 16:30  
Anonymous Kaya said...

Love the illustration, love your website! Liked your dad's website, too. Talented family!

30 April, 2006 16:48  
Anonymous michael said...

It has depth. Cool

01 May, 2006 06:09  
Blogger sugar mama said...

Your drawing is so fluid, great work! Love your dragonfly from 'spotted' too. Thanks for your comment!

01 May, 2006 08:46  
Blogger angelo said...

wow, all that creativity in simple lines. As your father I consider myself very lucky! :) (did you sent it to me?)Plaese do I save all your stuff.

01 May, 2006 09:13  
Blogger sugar mama said...

Hey again, just checked out your web site - the intricacy of your work is amazing, the drawings have a wonderful elegance to them. I think my favourites are the giraffes... they're fabulous! I dream of teaching art, good for you... and my middle name is Leigh :)

02 May, 2006 21:27  
Blogger shoofly said...

wow, this is really much fun to look at! nice work!

04 May, 2006 11:39  
Blogger SkyOrange said...

What a delightful style! Very unique and pleasant. :)

Oh, and thank you very much for the comment you left on my IF Portrait submission. :)

04 June, 2006 02:26  

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