murphy girl

30 November 2007

i've been tagged!

nancy lefko has tagged me for a meme!

that said, i had no idea what was going on.

so, i went to nancy's site for clues, and discovered what it is i am supposed to do; she has some amazing artwork, so please visit nancy's blog and, well, be amazed!

the rules of this meme are:
· when tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you.
· then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself.
· at the end of the post you must tag and link to eight other people.

eight (8) random things about me:
  • when reading national geographic, i must read it from cover to cover, in order of the pages; i am utterly incapable of skipping around; with other mags, not so much
  • i loooooooove all things 'day of the dead' and have little skeletons all over my house
  • i'm pretty sure that the act of making lists (and checking off completed items) is more satisfying than the act of doing whatever is on the list, even if it's fun stuff that i look forward to like going on vacation!
  • i always have to count on my fingers when adding; also, i have to go through the entire alphabet if i need a letter (i.e. in a bookstore when looking for a title, author, etc on the shelves)
  • i want to live everywhere
  • i cry so easily (seriously, a folger's commercial can trigger it), that it's a wonder i'm not a desert wasteland
  • i'm a paint-sample-aholic
  • i never forward chain mail, and was very conflicted about doing this because i now have to tag eight other people (but this was a fun getaway), so here they are:
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that's alotta birds for one little nest!

16 November 2007


Christmas candles should be left burning until Christmas morning and should rest undisturbed from time of lighting until they are snuffed.

this morning we are having our first real, stick-to-your-ribs snowfall in my little's fantastically and magically beautiful! and the flakes are big, fat, christmas flakes that float down and bring back your childhood memories of christmas!

when we were kids, my grandmother lived in reading, pennsylvania, and at christmas we had the good fortune to visit her, and, of course, hershey! talk about magical! that is one of my happiest childhood memories.

alas, by january i'll detest the snow and the impending months of winter left to endure....but for now, i'm in love!

09 November 2007


eat yer veggies and you'll be happy when you step on the scale! now, where's that pizza.....

02 November 2007


i just finished this 'fish flower' yesterday, and added the hat for it this morning.....with a hat like that, he should probably have a stogie in his mouth, too!