murphy girl

31 March 2006

spring! finally spring!

couldn't help me'self, i posted a pen drawing and a collage....the collage is old, as you can see from the watermark, and the pen drawing i just finished last week. it is a part of my new series (layers), and, predictably, i did one for each of the four seasons. they were very stressful, but now that i'm done, i'm pretty happy with them. they aren't on my website yet, but the eggs are. i actually had trouble deciding what image to use for 'spring' because i have a lot of flower/tree/leaf images. you can check out some of them on my website:

26 March 2006


here's my monster.....this is collage, my second favorite medium to work in (b&w pen being my main squeeze). the pink is an additional 'monster' because my mother looooooooves pink, and everything in my room, closet, etc when i was a child was pink. i hate pink! (love you, mom!) it is a long-running family joke, now! enjoy!

19 March 2006


here are my feet....i'm not a fan of feet, but definately am a fan of visually studying things(anything, as it turns out). and one day, obviously bored, i studied my feet on the coffeetable in front of me. this led me to paint them in watercolor, laugh at my stupidness when finished, and eventually add this silly sticker to the image (don't know where i got the sticker, this was painted at least 4 years ago). to top it off, i stuck it in the edge of my mirror, so i saw it every day. well, eventually i took it down, but didn't have the heart to get rid of it, i liked it so much. the pitiful reason for this is that (gulp) this is the best watercolor painting i have ever done! yes, sad but true, because this isn't so grand either! but i have never had any skill or talent with watercolor, only occasional luck. but this one...this wasn't luck! sad, again. anyway, it brought a huge smile to my face today when i found it!

12 March 2006


a very quickly-done drawing....didn't want to skip a week, but time is tight!

04 March 2006