murphy girl

09 January 2009


dinner is contained within their bellies (although two of these may be considered our dinner)!


Blogger laurie meseroll said...

oh I REALLY LIKE this one! very cool

09 January, 2009 10:50  
Blogger Diana Evans said...

what a neat idea....I love it!!!

09 January, 2009 11:11  
Blogger Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Great idea, nicely done!

09 January, 2009 14:28  
Blogger Amy C said...

such a great piece I like this lots and lots

09 January, 2009 15:06  
Blogger John said...

now thats the idea glad you liked mine.:)

09 January, 2009 15:17  
Blogger Faruffa said...

ah ah ah what a nice idea!!!

09 January, 2009 15:54  
Blogger aimee said...

this is darling! now which ones are you having for dinner? ;)

09 January, 2009 16:50  
Blogger Tomás Serrano said...

Very good idea. The cactus in the dromedary´s paunch is my favorite, ha, ha, ha.

09 January, 2009 17:14  
Blogger Jakob Werth said...

Very nice

09 January, 2009 18:16  
Blogger Cathy said...

What fun! Love it!

09 January, 2009 18:20  
Blogger andrea said...

You are brilliant!

09 January, 2009 21:07  
Blogger ValGalArt said...

Really clever and wonderful!

10 January, 2009 00:19  
Blogger Fabián Fucci said...

I've never seen the idea like this before. Very original!

10 January, 2009 04:58  
Blogger nancy said...

There are so many thing I didn't know I didn't know about animails...:D Very funny, really like it!

10 January, 2009 06:24  
Blogger Asja said...

very imaginative and creative work!

10 January, 2009 09:35  
Blogger Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

brilliant! i love this. how absolutely clever of you. Great illustration.

10 January, 2009 09:44  
Blogger DEB said...

What a cute rendition of the contained theme! Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my IF. I'll look for you next Friday!!

10 January, 2009 12:31  
Blogger INDIGENE said...

Funny, lively and full of color and laughter!

10 January, 2009 20:21  
Blogger pati @-;-- said...

lol this must be the best take on the subject this week. I won't be surprised if Peeny peeks it.

I love the pig!

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11 January, 2009 07:56  
Blogger guillermo said...

Your blog is beautiful, and I think your style is ocurrent and a pleasure for me.

11 January, 2009 10:19  
Blogger Dot said...

so cute. and a clever take on the theme!

12 January, 2009 15:39  
Blogger psychopooch said...

nice take on the theme :)

13 January, 2009 11:16  
Blogger Naomi said...

Wonderful. What a great idea.

13 January, 2009 11:44  
Blogger studio lolo said...

I missed this one! It completely made me giggle. How clever!!

01 February, 2009 10:58  
Blogger Nathanael Lark said...

Really nice job on this. Such a clever solution to the topic!

13 March, 2009 16:56  

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