murphy girl

25 August 2006


this is myrtle hill cemetery, where i walk almost daily (or try to, sometimes it's easy to let the fun stuff fall away while you do more work!); i used to be a runner, but my lower back couldn't take it, but if i were still, i'd definately run in this cemetery, too.

this is prismacolor on cardstock; i am going to be using them more often because i love them, but am not terribly proficient with them (i'm going for a painterly, fauve-like image). that said, any tips/constructive comments would be appreciated! and be honest, the road looks like a river, doesn't it? i can take it.....

19 August 2006


a one-minute drawing of the toothbrushes in my bathroom. they don't match, but their owners do; inspired by this article given to me by my brother several months ago

11 August 2006


cut paper on cardstock

04 August 2006


so my cats have been going crazy over something underneath the desk for days, and then tuesday morning i heard it chirping (very loudly!) and thought it had to be the biggest cricket on the planet. no matter, the cats will get it eventually. except that it wasn't a cricket......

i walked into the house tuesday evening after a long, grueling day, and was greeted by a bat flying across my living room! not good, i thought!!!! i must protect myself and my cats, i thought!!! (so, i'll call my husband, i thought!!!) damn, he's getting a massage, and so i am alone in the house with a bat and my (immense) fear! i would like to say i did the noble thing by capturing it and letting it go outside. and in the past, when my murphy had her jaws locked on some poor creature that got in the house, i made her give it up and i let it go outside. but i couldn't do that this time, i was paralyzed with fear, and armed with a broom, tennis racket, and eventually, these books (wrapped in a plastic bag, ever efficient!). so after the deed was done, i left it for aiden to clean up when he got home (hey, he was getting a massage while i was vying for my very life!); turns out i wasn't even successful! i only got it's wing under the books (explains why i was always last to be picked for a team in gym class)! so aiden had to take care of it afterall.....i would like to point out that in my panic, i immediately got on the internet to find out how to handle this (it was on the floor a lot instead of flying around, so i couldn't open a window and shoo it out, which was the original plan, i swear!!); according to the internet (which is always right, right?), a sick bat will lay down, healthy ones fly near a draft. anyway, i'm not proud of it.....i let my fear get hold of me; the truly brave thing would have been trying to get it outside!

immediately afterward, aiden said i should do this very drawing. and since it fits so nicely with this week's theme, here it is in prismacolor pencils