murphy girl

22 September 2006


fire is probably my biggest phobia. ever since i was a child, i've had a plan ready for escape should the house erupt in flames overnight (still do, i have a box of stuff that has to go with me, and of course my murphy!)

a very quick micron pen drawing; if i didn't do it tonight, it wasn't going to get done!

have a good week, and enjoy the changing leaves and fall temperatures!

15 September 2006


the change of seasons really keeps me going, and autumn is my favorite; i've already pulled out my sweaters and packed up my tank tops. bring on the color!
have a great week!

01 September 2006


today my brother is unemployed, for the first time since he was 18 (making this week's theme very relevant!). after more than 12 years at his latest corporate job (with benefits, of course), he's moving on to fulfill his dream:

opening a pastry shop in houston (i made up what it might look like here!)

now, despite how un-safe that sounds, especially as he nears 40, it is anything but. michael is a research-oriented, practical and observant business man. he is energetic, people-oriented and has a natural flair for giving people something that pleases them. not to mention that he is one of the hardest working people i have ever met (the others being the rest of the folks in my family, but as you can clearly see in the image above, i'm a tad biased!)

the only thing un-safe about this venture would be to let me near the cookies (i can identify with cookie monster...)

enjoy the holiday weekend!