murphy girl

20 October 2006


my first (and fun!) attempt at the white gel roller (on cardstock); did this by the fire (it's chilly here, should get measurable snow by monday!)
have a great week!

13 October 2006

smitten with guinness

i am smitten with all things ireland and guinness (mmmm, guinness!)

i did this collage years ago, and really love it, but since it is of a copyrighted image, i have only used it for my own pleasure. at least now i can share it with you all! hope you enjoy your weekend and maybe have a guinness?

cut paper on cardstock

06 October 2006


many people see a full moon and think: oh no, trouble!

i'm not one of them; i love the moon more than anything else in the natural world, and tonight is the harvest moon, the best moon of all!

if aiden had not insisted we be married in a church (i insisted on october, he insisted on the venue!), i would have loooooved to get married under the harvest moon, early in the evening when it's big and low in the sky. the reception would be in a big old barn, festooned in autumn-ness and lit inside with hundreds of candles (now there is the real possibility of trouble!)

colored pencil on paper. have a great week!

01 October 2006


quiet; i think of ireland with the smell of peat from their fires in the air any time of the year.

colored pencil on paper