murphy girl

30 June 2006


i'm like a moth to the flame when it comes to food that is unnatural colors, especially blue food! i will try almost any food (especially junk food) that is a weird flavor (i actually tried tamarind soda once....yes, it was bbq flavor!), and when i was a kid, my eyes nearly burst from my head anytime i saw cotton candy! the inspiration for this image comes from when blanch hands one of the pink ladies (marty?) that impossible heap of cotton candy in 'grease'....once again, you might get a better image if you enlarge it 2x (takes a sec for the pop-up box to show in the bottom r-h corner of the image's first enlargement)

oh, and i had every intention of getting away from the whole linear thing this week, but how could i? it's blue food!!! i'd also like to note that this is the very first time i have gotten my idea, executed it and posted to illo friday ON friday! yeah for me!

25 June 2006


it's raining.

18 June 2006


hi all, after a week off from illo friday, i'm glad to be participating this week! i am a huge fan of dance, and locally see the 'garth fagan dance' group in rochester, ny whenever i can. this image came from a book called 'breaking bounds-the dance photography of lois greenfield' (my copy is practically in tatters from looking at it so much!). you can, and should!, check out her website, it is incredible: . so, anyway, i drew the picture from one of her photos, and then stylized it a bit and added my background. hope you like it!

04 June 2006


a portrait of the happy couple....

this is a total cop-out, because this was done last year; i just don't have the time to put a proper image together, and at the moment don't think i'm capable of a proper image even if i did have the time! i would really like to create a self-portrait without using an image of myself, and think i will eventually. in the meantime, i couldn't bear to skip out of illo friday for a week!