murphy girl

18 June 2006


hi all, after a week off from illo friday, i'm glad to be participating this week! i am a huge fan of dance, and locally see the 'garth fagan dance' group in rochester, ny whenever i can. this image came from a book called 'breaking bounds-the dance photography of lois greenfield' (my copy is practically in tatters from looking at it so much!). you can, and should!, check out her website, it is incredible: . so, anyway, i drew the picture from one of her photos, and then stylized it a bit and added my background. hope you like it!


Blogger Amy Zaleski said...

Excellent interpretation! the lines flowing from the dancers really convey their energy!

18 June, 2006 10:39  
Blogger AscenderRisesAbove said...

fun illustration. looking forward to seeing more of your style of art.

18 June, 2006 10:52  
Anonymous mom said...

It's beautiful Leigh, they look like they are actually flowing to the music. A lot of grace.

18 June, 2006 13:17  
Blogger michael dailey said...

love the forms in this nice work

18 June, 2006 13:44  
Blogger merichs said...

Excellent. The figures are beautifully done

18 June, 2006 20:48  
Blogger merichs said...

Beautiful! The figures are gorgeous!

18 June, 2006 20:49  
Blogger Jess said...

This is great. It's the way I dance in my dreams.

18 June, 2006 23:18  
Blogger AnastasiaC said...

The background is great - really interesting.

19 June, 2006 05:58  
Blogger constance said...

This is beautiful!

19 June, 2006 06:53  
Blogger sazzyplip said...

This is 1 of my favorites - I love the background.

20 June, 2006 08:39  
Blogger Janet said...

I really love the background!

20 June, 2006 21:25  
Blogger sazzyplip said...

Thanks for your comments, I hope you had a great time in Ireland, no one can do weddings like the Irish! (I bet there were a few legless people by the end of it)

22 June, 2006 11:57  
Blogger andrea said...

The linework is amazingly strong and lively. Looking forward to what you do with "rain".

23 June, 2006 13:29  
Blogger Fiestoforo said...

Everyone here liked this one!

15 July, 2006 22:07  
Blogger An ACEO A Day said...

Very Strong!

04 August, 2006 22:51  

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