murphy girl

28 May 2006


since i made a piece of cake for the 'fat' theme, i had to come up with something different for 'cake'....while going through the mags i use to make my collages, i saw a picture of a bowl full of eggs, and that's where i got the idea for this. sorry it's so small, but i think if you click on it, you'll get a larger image. (i'm not very computer-literate, so when penelope told me i had to 'link to a static page', i panicked, not having the slightest clue what she meant! well, proudly i can say, i followed her simple directions and did it....better yet, i managed to make a thumbnail, too! that was a good day for me, but now i want to know if anyone can tell me how to make the thumbnail so that it only shows a portion of the image instead of reducing the entire thing down?


Blogger arvindh said...

a visual recipe - like it!

28 May, 2006 17:44  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

so unique idea...I agree..a visual recipe we all need..nice!


28 May, 2006 21:14  
Blogger curiouskitty said...

this is soo cute and very original. :-)

28 May, 2006 21:58  
Blogger merichs said...


28 May, 2006 23:45  
Blogger Rrramone said...

Love love love. Very wonderful and simple and joyous!

29 May, 2006 13:27  
Blogger Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Ver cute!

30 May, 2006 09:57  
Blogger deardeedle said...

Very different and out of the box. Ilike it. Especially the cup of sugar. There is something in the consistancy of roundness of form I find very pleasing in that image.

30 May, 2006 10:28  
Blogger Chickengirl said...

ohh its like a rebus! cool.

31 May, 2006 23:29  
Blogger flossy-p said...

I think I'd have much better luck baking if all recipe books were like this!
How dooo you do it? Do you cut each piece of fabric out, stick them down and scan them? Or do you take the fabric patterns into photoshop or something and cut them out in there? (very interesting technique).

Also on the thumbnail, I do it in photoshop. Select a square of my illo and then resize it to be 50x50. Not sure how else you could do it without a graphic program.

01 June, 2006 08:16  
Blogger murphy girl said...

hi flossy-p, prismacolor pencils are a type of colored pencil that you should find easily at any art/craft store; they can be bought in sets or singly, and come in beautiful, thick, velvety colors! my collages are all hand cut from magazine pictures, then scanned. i don't do anything to them in photoshop except adjust the contrast a bit and size them.

thanks to everyone for their kind comments!

01 June, 2006 16:32  
Blogger Factoryrat71 said...

Excellent love the simplicity

01 June, 2006 20:08  
Anonymous faun said...

i adore this!!

01 June, 2006 20:59  

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