murphy girl

22 July 2006


chocolate or vanilla? difficult choice. and although i'm mad about chocolate (in general), when it comes to 'scream, only vanilla will do!

cut paper collage on cardstock


Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Ooooooooh noooooo! Vanilla icecream! It's a travesty! It HAS to be chocolate icecream. Preferably chocolate with bits of chocolate.

Very cool collage. Simple. Clean. Evocative.

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22 July, 2006 13:07  
Blogger irisz said...

i'm a chocolate fun too, but i definetly would pick the chocolate part :))

22 July, 2006 13:28  
Blogger Ouissi Gresty said...

awful choice to have to make!! have to be chocolate...right up there with real pistachio flavour...Beautiful effects with the swirls in the ice cream...beatiful

Ouissi x

22 July, 2006 14:52  
Blogger michael dailey said...

i used to get both for my soft icream nice pic

22 July, 2006 16:07  
Anonymous Kaya said...

Yummy! All ice cream is good, and this is a visual treat as well.

22 July, 2006 16:31  
Blogger JO said...

This is wonderful, sorry I'm vanilla soft serve all the way.

22 July, 2006 17:37  
Blogger Tiger Mouse said...

I love this collage.

My sister and I always used to have this fight when we were kids...if it comes down to a choice, I'm a vanilla girl, she's a chocolate girl!

22 July, 2006 17:57  
Blogger claudine hellmuth said...

I love your use of cut paper! I'm a vanilla girl all the way!

22 July, 2006 19:16  
Blogger mel said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm.... immediately, i'm craving one of those!!!!!! great and yummy illo :)

22 July, 2006 20:51  
Blogger String said...

I like vanilla too! Man that made me hungry, it is very hot over here in the UK.

23 July, 2006 03:31  
Blogger buep said...

Both of them! Lovely work!

23 July, 2006 07:27  
Blogger Andrew Thornton said...

Why have to decide between the two at all? Both are lovely. But if I was held down and forced to picked, I'd go with vanilla!

Your collage has a very clean feeling to it. I like that. The patterning works beautifully to illustrate the swirls in ice cream. They are structured and yet at the same time, very delicate.

23 July, 2006 08:29  
Blogger merichs said...

I love the sumptuous layers of vanilla and chocolate. You've really captured the essence of soft, rich ice cream, piled high and starting to soften on a hot summer's day.

23 July, 2006 09:48  
Blogger Rrramone said...

My god, now I'm hungry! Great job!!

23 July, 2006 13:18  
Blogger AscenderRisesAbove said...

everyone is going to love a photos with ice cream... it is sooo hot; nice illo

23 July, 2006 17:38  
Blogger Amy Zaleski said...

Yum. Soft serve ice cream. Haven't had that in years! Love what you've done here. Great job!

24 July, 2006 09:27  
Blogger Amy Zaleski said...

Yum. Soft serve ice cream. Haven't had that in years! Love what you've done here. Great job!

24 July, 2006 09:28  
Anonymous mom said...

I like chocolate too, but it has to be in the form of chocalate sprinkles wrapped around the vanilla swirl cone. It's a beautiful collage.

24 July, 2006 14:48  
Blogger Franfou said...

yum ! I would like one like it...vanilla and a slice of chocolate...slurp !

25 July, 2006 08:50  
Blogger Jules said...

wow, cool. I love the zebra cone but I need it chocolate dipped.

25 July, 2006 17:24  
Blogger critterking said...

Damn, I've got some ice cream in my fridge, but only enough for one to the shops I go!

26 July, 2006 14:45  
Blogger joze22 said...

very nice
love your ice cream

26 July, 2006 15:42  
Blogger Bearuh said...

I just love it!!! The collage style is always very interesting.. you handle it well!

31 July, 2006 19:01  
Blogger The Unknown said...

I'm told real chocolate lovers only use vanilla ice cream and then cover it in chocolate??? Is it true?
Great illo.

02 August, 2006 19:19  
Blogger Chickengirl said...

ooh yummy! How you got awesome textures like that to make an ice-cream cone is awesome. Very intriguing.

03 August, 2006 23:17  
Blogger Hamsa Hand said...

yum yum yum
I want some!
I'll like it just as you have made it,
chocolate and vanilla

19 August, 2006 06:04  

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