murphy girl

25 January 2008

tales & legends

the perfect venue for tales & legends to be told!


Blogger elizabeth said...

ooooh, beautiful shapes and colors!

25 January, 2008 09:34  
Blogger Amy Zaleski said...

Ah, that would be nice right now. So cold....

Lovely drawing!

25 January, 2008 10:07  
Blogger Candace Trew Camling said...

That is SUCH a perfect response to this week's theme, what a happy surprise!

25 January, 2008 10:26  
Blogger The Unknown said...

Hee, hee. Nice.
Great illo.

25 January, 2008 10:34  
Blogger Diana Evans said...

MY fav!!!

I love having bon fires....great take on this week's theme...


25 January, 2008 11:03  
Blogger Teri C said...

Perfect venue!!!

25 January, 2008 12:20  
Blogger Rrramone said...

Yummy. I have a ghost story for you...

And girlfriend, what is up with going from second to sixth?? Getting slow in your old age?? ;-)

25 January, 2008 13:12  
Blogger Forever Young said...

round the camp fire with the girl guides, mmm good memories.

25 January, 2008 17:45  
Blogger Kelly B said...

Makes me long for summer campfires! Lovely job on this! I love your illustration style!

25 January, 2008 17:54  
Blogger NANCY LEFKO said...

ALIVE with magic...just waiting for a good ghost story.....beautiful !!!!

25 January, 2008 18:14  
Blogger Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Murphy Girl, Beautiful work you have. I love your style and colors. Enjoyed viewing your blog. best wishes, Lisa
PS. I added you to my art blog favs....see you :)

26 January, 2008 07:02  
Blogger sophie philo said...

i like your style :-)

26 January, 2008 09:22  
Blogger ValGalArt said...

i love how you always get to the heart of the matter! Love this!!xo

26 January, 2008 14:08  
Blogger Ellen Byrne said...

YUP! This works for me!

26 January, 2008 18:30  
Blogger Heidi Younger Illustration said...

I see a face in your illustration.
With wild hair, a happy face for telling stories.

26 January, 2008 18:58  
Blogger Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Yes, you are so right! Your drawing is so magical!

26 January, 2008 22:00  
Blogger curlyillustrator said...

Very pretty. I like the line work in the wood.

27 January, 2008 01:24  
Blogger LEEZY said...

I like your take on this week's subject ... just waiting for the monster to jump out of the fire, well done!

28 January, 2008 09:25  
Blogger Josh (musarter) said...

I must agree. Nice picture too. Another nice venue is an old pub. The fire is for young adventures and the pub is for crusty ol'fogies.

29 January, 2008 16:17  
Blogger Jules said...

Nice job, makes me hungry!

30 January, 2008 12:09  

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